[English]About Our Competition

About our competition

The main purpose of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia is to discover and encourage young promising talents. Through the grace and splendor that Chopin’s music embraces, we also hope to contribute to build and strengthen a cultural bridge between Poland and Asian countries, and to promote artistic excellence in Japan and other Asian countries.

Compositions by Chopin and other Polish composers

In preparation for each round, participants will have the opportunity to learn works by Chopin and/or many other Polish composers, which will allow them to become familiar with and also to deepen their understanding of Polish music.

Prizewinners actively performing on the world stage

Previous winners of the competition include many renowned pianists who are currently active both in Japan and abroad such as Kyohei Sorita, Aimi Kobayashi, Hayato Sumino (a.k.a. Cateen), Tomoharu Ushida, Haochen Zhang, Masataka Goto, Shohei Sekimoto, Shinya Kiyozuka, and Mika Sato, among others.

Delegate Competition to recommend candidates for the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw

The International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA holds the Delegate Competition one year prior to the International Chopin Piano Competition which takes place in Warsaw. In the previous edition of the Delegate Competition, three successful contestants were automatically admitted to the Preliminary Round in Warsaw and their travel expenses were partially covered by the Chopin in ASIA Committee.

*Please note that the above information is subject to change without notice, and the most up-to-date information will be available at the announcement of the 6th Delegate Competition.

*The Gold Prize winner(s) of the Professional Category will be partially exempt from the Qualifying Round of the 6th Delegate Competition which is scheduled to take place in 2024-2025.

Participants from Asia and other foreign countries

Participants from overseas who successfully passed the video screening will join the Final Rounds. In the previous edition of the competition, participants from a total of 8 countries, including China, Thailand, USA, performed at a high level.

Distinguished jury members from Japan and abroad

In addition to piano teachers and professors from all over Japan, prominent judges from Poland and other countries are also invited from overseas.

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We are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, posting information about our competition and other music-related topics. On our YouTube channel, you can also enjoy the performances of those who won the Gold Medal in the previous two editions of our competition. Please check them out!