CD/Photo Order Form opened

CD/Photo Order Form for 19th edition opened here.

Please see the details from the above link.

Deadline: 28th February 2018
*Currently we accept VISA, AMEX and MasterCard only.

Online Application Form opened.

Online Application Form for 19th edition has opened.

For more info, please check this page.

19th edition repertoire updated

19th edition repertoire updated.

Check repertoire page or more information.

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2017年12月19日 CD/Photo Order Form opened
2017年7月11日 Online Application Form opened.
2017年5月11日 19th edition repertoire updated
2015年6月25日 (English) 17th Competition Regulation Updated
2015年3月2日 (English) CD Photo online order form closed.

Other Information

2017年5月11日 19th edition repertoire updated

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