25th Edition – Special Awards (Video Audition)

We are pleased to announce the special award winners of the 25th Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia (Video Audition) as follows.

Soloist Award

Elementary School 1st&2nd Grade Category: Toyoda Rihito / Kobayashi Yume

Elementary School 3rd&4th Grade Category: Yoshida Chifumi

Elementary School 5th&6th Grade Category: Nishiyama Aika

Junior High School Category: Takahashi Reo

Senior High School Category: Takabayashi Otoha

University Category: Umeda Yuriko

Solo Artist Category: N/A

Chopinist I Category: Kato Sakuma

Chopinist A Category: Akahoshi Sakurako

Chopinist B Category: Okada Saemi / Mase Jo

Chopinist S Category: N/A

Concerto Award

Concerto I Category: Ishida Mai

Concerto AA Category: N/A

Concerto AB Category: Arai Minami

Concerto B Category: N/A

Concerto C Category: N/A

Chopinist Concerto A Category: N/A