The 23rd Edition

The 23rd edition:

The 23rd edition of the International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA will be held in the form of both a hall audition and a video audition due to various circumstances surrounding COVID-19 including travel restrictions. Despite this difficult situation, below are some of the benefits that we believe our video audition can offer:

–Regardless of schedule and where you reside, you may safely participate

–Reasonable entry fee than the usual live competition

–Not only grand pianos but also upright pianos are acceptable (electric pianos are not approved for the 23rd


–You may submit your best performance

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, performers, audiences, and concert halls were the fundamental factors which shaped our live music experience. However, with all the challenges we face today, it is rather difficult for us to ensure a safe and secure environment. Nevertheless, we hope that our competition would help you maintain your motivation and also accomplish your personal goals. Your continued support to our competition is greatly appreciated!

Competition Rules:

Before you send your application, please make sure to read Rules of the 23rd International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA.

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Repertoire Requirement:

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