10th International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA


¬Šw1E2”N¶•”–å/Elementary School 1st and 2nd Grade
‹àÜ/Gold No.E12-36 ²“¡@’q‰p
‹âÜ/Silver No.E12-17 ”–“@Â—t
No.E12-33 â–{@–G‰¹
No.E12-38 ›ˆä@—˜“Þ
No.E12-45 ‹gŒ´@‰À“Þ
“ºÜ/Bronze No.E12-11 ˆäã@^
No.E12-18 ‹e’r@ˆ¤“Þ
No.E12-24 ’†X@˜a‹P
No.E12-30 ‰ª‘º@—S—¢
No.E12-37 “ˆ“c@ˆÀŽì
No.E12-39 —é–؁@ˆÇØ
No.E12-40 —§–؁@‰Ô‰Ì
No.E12-43 “n•”@‘s‘å
No.E12-47 “’ó@—D
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.E12-02 rˆä@ˆ¤ŠC
No.E12-12 w–ì@˜a‰ÌŽq
No.E12-28 ¼ì@‹¿‹M
No.E12-31 Pan Ying Xin
No.E12-34 ²X–؁@ˆç
No.E12-42 “àŽR@“–G‰Ì
No.E12-44 ŽRã@—D•—
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.E12-10 Huang ZhiYi
No.E12-19 Kim Da Mi
No.E12-20 ¬•½ –ƒ–¢‰¾
No.E12-25 ’†‘º@^–í
No.E12-26 ’†“‡@Ø•ÛŽq
No.E12-32 —с@‰Ã‹Ó
¬Šw3E4”N¶•”–å/Elementary School 3rd and 4th Grade
‹àÜ/Gold No.E34-46 àV“c@—Dˆß
No.E34-47 àV“ü@”ü
‹âÜ/Silver No.E34-06 à_’†@•ä”TŽ
No.E34-23 K’n@从q
No.E34-50 —é–؁@”¿
No.E34-51 —é–؁@—D•ã
“ºÜ/Bronze No.E34-04 ›Á@Ž ‰¶
No.E34-20 ‹e’n@‚΂ç‚Ì
No.E34-21 ‹e’n@‰¹‰H
No.E34-40 ’†–ì@ˆ»”T
No.E34-45 ‘ò“c@‘“Œæ
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.E34-11 Îì@”ü‰H
No.E34-13 ˆä“›@Œb—¢
No.E34-48 “‡“c@¬•S‡
No.E34-49 ‰ºŽR@áÁŽq
No.E34-58 ŽRú±@Žé‰¹
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.E34-07 •½Œ´@—B
No.E34-10 Î•@—´ˆê
No.E34-42 ¬–{@Œ_m
No.E34-36 ‹{–{@ˆ¤
¬Šw5E6”N¶•”–å/Elementary School 5th and 6th Grade
‹àÜ/Gold No.E56-41 ³“c@Ê‰¹
‹âÜ/Silver No.E56-25 ‘ “c@˜a^
No.E56-38 ùŽR@—æ“Þ
“ºÜ/Bronze No.E56-10 ˆäŒû@‚é‚È
No.E56-23 ¬¼@ØXŽq
No.E56-29 ¼–{@‚©‚ê‚ñ
No.E56-35 ‰œ“c@Ê…
No.E56-37 ˜ZŠp@—D
No.E56-47 “¿@“ìØŽq
No.E56-48 A“c@Ž÷
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.E56-13 ˆîì@•ä
No.E56-14 ˆäã@—z“ìŽq
No.E56-19 ‰Á“¡@Œd
No.E56-22 ‹ß“¡@“Ä
No.E56-34 ’†“c@ªŠó
No.E56-39 ²“¡@^“Þ”¿
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.E56-21 –Ø‘º@—DŠó
No.E56-44 •‰ª@‘‹I
No.E56-52 ŽRè@ˆ»‰Ä
’†Šw¶•”–å/Junior High School
‹àÜ/Gold No.J05 Gu JingDan
No.J14 Lee Nau
No.J27 ”öè@–¢‹ó
‹âÜ/Silver No.J17 ŽOd–ì@“ޏ
No.J28 Park Sun Hyun
“ºÜ/Bronze No.J11 Kim Da Ye
No.J15 Lin Peng
No.J18 ‹{—¢@—ÏŽj
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.J25 ‘åè@—R‹M
No.J30 ²“¡@‰Ãt
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.J08 ŠâŒ³@—ŽÑ
No.J20 ’†—с@——Í
No.J21 ’†‘º@—DŽ—
No.J29 ƒŠ[ƒh@ŠóˆŸ“Þ
No.J38 •x“c@–ƒ—F
‚Z¶•”–å/High School
‹àÜ/Gold No.H12 “à“¡@‘ñ”n
No.H17 ‘åŽç@^‰›
‹âÜ/Silver No.H07 Jeong Yong Hwan
“ºÜ/Bronze No.H08 •Ð“c@ˆ¤—
No.H09 ì“Y@•¶
No.H14 ’‡ŽR@ˆ¤”ü
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.H05 ”ђˁ@ˆ²
No.H20 Tan Azariah Peng Chay
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.H10 Ž™“ˆ@Œ“ˆê˜Y
No.H11 ‹ß–ì@„
‹âÜ/Silver No.U08 ²X–؁@ˆ»Žq
“ºÜ/Bronze No.U05 ’†ì@‰À”ü
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.U07 ‘哈@”ü”¿Žq
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.U01 ˆäŒ´@Žõ”ü
‹àÜ/Gold No. ŠY“–ŽÒ‚È‚µ
‹âÜ/Silver No.G02 –Ø’J@—Œb
“ºÜ/Bronze No.G07 Watanabe Yuri
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.G03 Kwon Cheo-Yong
No.G05 ŽO‘î@ãĎq
No.G06 ¬•@ˆŸ‹I
ƒRƒ“ƒ`ƒFƒ‹ƒgA•”–å/Concerto A
‹àÜ/Gold No.CA19 ‹“c@’q‘å
‹âÜ/Sliver No.CA14 àV“ü@”ü
No.CA15 ‚‹´@÷Žq
No.CA21 ŽRè@ˆ»‰Ä
“ºÜ/Bronze No.CA01 H—t@”ü—à
No.CA05 Œ´“‡@¬–ç‰Â
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.CA03 ç—t@‚Ü‚è‚ñ
No.CA10 Œõ–؁@Ê”T
No.CA17 ’ҁ@^—Œb
No.CA20 ŽR–{@^Žq
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.CA11 ’†‘º@Œ’l
No.CA13 ²X–؁@—ƒ
No.CA16 Taylor Michelle
ƒRƒ“ƒ`ƒFƒ‹ƒgB•”–å/Concerto B
‹àÜ/Gold No.CB05 –{ŽR@–ƒ—DŽq@@¦ƒRƒ“ƒ`ƒFƒ‹ƒgÜ
‹âÜ/Silver No.CB06 ”\“oŒ´@“Þ“sŽq
“ºÜ/Bronze No.CB02 •Ð“c@ˆ¤—
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.CB01 “¡’J@”ü•‘
No.CB10 Tan Azariah Peng Chay
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.CB07 ¬–ì“c@—LŽÑ
ƒRƒ“ƒ`ƒFƒ‹ƒgC•”–å/Concerto C
‹àÜ/Gold No.CC01 Gu JingDan
‹âÜ/Silver No.CC03 ‰Á“¡@‘åŽ÷
No.CC08 “à @Œd
“ºÜ/Bronze No.CC06 Lin Peng
No.CC05 Kwon Cheo-Yong
§—ãÜ/Encouragement No.CC04 –Ø’J@—Œb
“w—͏Ü/Merit Award No.CC09 Watanabe Yuri